Strategic Infrastructure Project

Strategic Infrastructure Project

Neutrona Networks Announces Completion of Strategic Infrastructure Project and 100Gbps Network Upgrade

Neutrona Networks provides direct regional connection to the main cloud providers.

MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Citing several recent initiatives, including the implementation of new software solutions and the expansion of overall network capacity, Neutrona Networks’ co-founders Mateo Ward and Luciano Salata announced today the completion of a major phase in the evolution of one of Latin America’s fastest growing independent carriers.

“Over the last three years, we have been simultaneously providing the world’s largest carriers access into the ‘red hot’ Latin American market while upgrading and modernizing our network to support our future growth,” says Ward. “We have now reached a phase where we can shift our energies to take full advantage of these multi-year investments and concentrate upon the operational advantages our network provides to ensure a superior customer experience.”

The Pan-American carrier has seen rapid growth since acquiring IFX’s Carrier Services business in 2012. Through a combination of terrestrial rings, multiple sub-sea cable systems and extensive relationships with access networks throughout Latin America, Neutrona provides data transport services for international carriers’ Fortune 1000 customers over 16,000 kilometers of fiber in 15 countries.

Ward and Salata outlined several recent achievements that put Neutrona firmly on the track for future growth.

Neutrona has recently secured new IRU agreements that bolster network bandwidth capacity by 100Gbps and add new subsea cable access points on multiple systems to reinforce Neutrona’s commitment to provide redundancy and independence through its network Duality strategy.

Neutrona has also completed a significant expansion of its network in Brazil, adding multiple new terrestrial and sub-sea fiber routes and opening a new international gateway PoP in Equinix’s SP2 data center in Sao Paulo in addition to other neutral data centers in the country.

Neutrona is prepared to deploy a home-grown software-defined network (SDN) system that redefines traffic engineering across a physically diverse multi-cable network. The carrier submitted a patent application for this system to the US Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) in March, 2015.

“Our customized solution will provide added intelligence and flexibility to our traffic engineering methods ensuring that we will always be able to deliver a superior customer experience, even as communications networks and services become increasingly complex,” says Daniel Monetto, Director, Engineering & Product Management. “This is a fascinating paradigm shift and allows medium-sized carriers like Neutrona to have direct control over their own product and service roadmap. It levels the playing field.”

To support its commitment to intelligent traffic engineering, Neutrona recently reached an agreement with Packet Design, an industry leader in route analytics, to use its Route Explorer™ System to ensure smooth network performance, high network visibility, and the customized delivery of critical and complex customer solutions.

“This has been an exciting time for Neutrona. We have built upon the strong heritage of our legacy assets and pursued an intensive period of modernization to produce the most robust and resilient platform in the region,” says Salata. “It is a testament to the hard work, energy and creativity of our employees who have established a dynamic carrier that can partner with anyone and deliver its promises throughout the region. We have arrived.”

About Neutrona Networks

Neutrona Networks is a neutral and independent Latin American Carrier, with more than 15 years of experience in the industry to deliver advanced data networking solutions to international carriers in a one-stop shop experience. With a direct presence in 15 countries and extensive network partnerships, Neutrona can cover any location in any city in Central & South America, Mexico, the Caribbean and beyond. Neutrona is the only Latin American network to run on multiple sub-sea cable systems and terrestrial fiber rings combined with extensive network interconnections with most local access networks in the region.