Packet Design

Packet Design

Neutrona Networks Selects Packet Design to Manage New Network Infrastructures

Independent carrier to use Route Explorer’s real-time routing analytics to migrate to and run SDN-ready network

AUSTIN, Texas – March 9, 2015 – To ensure optimal network performance as it modernizes its pan-regional network infrastructure, Miami-based Neutrona Networks has chosen the Packet Design Route Explorer™ System. Neutrona, an independent carrier serving the Americas region, will use Packet Design as its “Intelligent Analytics Engine,” providing the management visibility needed to deliver high-quality, reliable services as it migrates to a new software-defined network (SDN).

Neutrona has experienced rapid growth since acquiring IFX’s Carrier Services business in 2012, serving a clientele of mostly Fortune 1000 customers. The Packet Design Route Explorer System will ensure that the upgraded network performs smoothly, providing visibility into routing behavior for all IGP and BGP protocols, MPLS VPNs, and traffic engineering tunnels. Neutrona’s engineering, operations, and planning teams will use the system’s real-time monitoring, back-in-time forensic analysis, and modeling capabilities to troubleshoot issues quickly as well as accurately plan for network changes and optimization.

As the only company that delivers an always-current model of the Layer 3 network topology and associated routing analytics, Packet Design is vital to deploying this next generation network and managing the advanced architecture it requires. Specifically, Neutrona chose Packet Design for its ability to ensure the availability and performance of critical service traffic flowing over thousands of traffic-engineered tunnels, which provide customized delivery of critical services to customers. The Route Explorer System provides real-time Resource Reservation Protocol - Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) tunnel monitoring, historical analysis, easy to use network modeling and simulation, and capacity planning reports.

In addition, Packet Design’s real-time analytics will be leveraged in the Neutrona SDN environment, where traditional, manual management methods are inadequate. SDN provisioning and management require always-current network models and traffic load profiles, making Packet Design’s monitoring, diagnostics, planning and reporting value propositions directly applicable to SDN deployments across the wide area network (WAN).

Supporting Quotes

“Latin America has a growing demand for data transmission, especially from multi-national businesses who expect high levels of telecommunications services and reliability,” said Mateo Ward, Neutrona Networks CEO. “Neutrona is enabling international carriers to meet these needs with our company-wide initiative to improve network services, and Packet Design will ensure superior performance across the multiple service and transport combinations we offer.”

“Neutrona handles the traffic requirements of some of the world’s largest companies with critical interests in Latin America, and their decision to deploy Packet Design shows how dedicated they are to delivering the highest quality services and meeting their strict SLAs,” said Scott Sherwood, Packet Design CEO. “A programmable, automated network environment such as the one Neutrona is building requires the ability to visualize, monitor, analyze, and model changes to the Layer 3 operation of the network, which Packet Design does uniquely for both traditional and SDN infrastructures.”

“Upgrading our network infrastructure enables Neutrona to deploy the latest techniques and features, and Packet Design was the clear choice for monitoring, troubleshooting, and planning,” said David Flamini, Neutrona’s leader of the Network Architect Team. “Overall, this new network architecture will allow us to provide a more resilient and flexible solution for our clients, and Packet Design is a big part of our plan, especially for end-to-end control during the service migration and as we deploy carrier SDN.”

About Neutrona Networks

Neutrona Networks is a neutral and independent Latin American Carrier, with more than 15 years of experience in the industry to deliver advanced data networking solutions to international carriers in a one-stop shop experience. With a direct presence in 15 countries and extensive network partnerships, Neutrona can cover any location in any city in Central & South America, Mexico, the Caribbean and beyond. Neutrona is the only Latin American network to run on multiple sub-sea cable systems and terrestrial fiber rings combined with extensive network interconnections with most local access networks in the region.