Top Independent Latin American Carrier to Deploy Software-Defined Networking with Optimized Juniper Hardware

Latin American carrier Neutrona has announced plans to upgrade its pan-regional network infrastructure with a next-gen Juniper architecture that supports Software-Defined Networking (SDN).

“This investment will support our vision of being the partner of choice for every international carrier that needs to serve its home market enterprise customers in Latin America,” says Neutrona CEO Mateo Ward. “We have strong confidence in the Juniper SDN strategy and plan.”

Neutrona Networks evolved from IFX Networks, building upon its 14 year heritage as a provider of advanced data networking solutions to international carriers. Neutrona is the only Latin American network to run on multiple sub-sea cable systems and terrestrial fiber rings combined with extensive network interconnections with the most local access networks in the region.

It offers a full suite of solutions—MPLS, Carrier Ethernet, Colocation, Logistics, and Professional Services—and access to almost every major urban center within Central and South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

SDN aligns closely with Neutrona’s strength as the region’s only true neutral carrier. Neutrona has the flexibility to build its native IP/MPLS network architecture on top of any international and domestic cable system. With SDN, the carrier gets new capabilities for responding quickly to customer needs within today’s dynamic telecommunications environment.

Proponents point out that SDN directly addresses the growing computing and storage needs of today’s data centers, campuses, and carrier environments, especially in the age of cloud computing.

“SDN will help us focus on network optimization and improve our business efficiencies,” says Daniel Monetto, Neutrona’s Director of Product Management. “This network architecture will also allow us to provide a more resilient solution for all the carriers that are looking to have a neutral partner in LATAM.”

He says that Neutrona plans to adopt the latest techniques and features in traffic engineering and capacity planning, including Ethernet Operation, Administration & Maintenance and Connectivity Fault Management; new Carrier Ethernet services; traffic analytics; modeling; and routing simulation.

“SDN will allow us to provide our solutions with a granular flexibility in terms of traffic engineering, bandwidth optimization and the selection of the best routes for traffic,” adds Monetto. “We will be able to control in a centralized manner the network intelligence in terms of bandwidth optimization and traffic convergence as well as auto-tune our network capabilities based on service policies.”

Neutrona is currently deploying and commissioning Juniper MX series equipment in Latin America, the United States and Europe and expects to complete its new backbone by the fourth quarter. Neutrona is taking a multi-phase approach to the project to minimize service impact.

“The SDN adoption will be transparent for our customers,” says Luciano Salata, Neutrona’s president and chief operating officer. “We will introduce SDN in a discrete manner that maximizes our network’s efficiency without disrupting customer service.”

“We will keep innovating and evolving our service model to ensure we continue to be the best option for carriers who wish to extend their services into Latin America,” adds Ward. “Our investment in SDN will allow us to continue our focus to make a long-lasting and meaningful contribution to the quality of international data services in Latin America.”